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One-stop financial management.

Manage your books

Make your accounting process smoother by automating tasks and ensuring you're prepared for tax season.

Track expenses

Effortlessly keep tabs on your business expenditures, ensuring you're always in the loop about where your funds are being allocated.

Invoice your customers

Generate and send as many customized invoices as you need.

Get paid

Enable online payment through credit cards and Apple Pay.

Manage your team

Manage your payroll, time tracking, and HR needs with comprehensive services that have you covered.

Keep your favorite
tools synced

Make sure your business runs smoothly by connecting your current apps.

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Business management tools you need

  • Track income
  • Sales tax
  • Cash flow planning
  • Project profitability
  • Inventory
  • Mileage tracking
  • Receipt capture
  • Pay your team
  • Track time
  • Workforce app
  • Create estimates
  • Get paid

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"Kenoxis CRM has revolutionized the way we manage our customer relationships. The intuitive interface and robust features have made our processes more efficient, saving us time and effort. The support team is incredibly responsive and helpful. Kenoxis CRM is a must-have for any business striving for excellence."

Lana Rey

"Our experience with Kenoxis CRM has been nothing short of exceptional. The system's flexibility and customization options have allowed us to tailor it precisely to our needs. The seamless integration of various modules has greatly enhanced our workflow. Kenoxis CRM is an invaluable tool for optimizing business operations."

J. McGhee

"Kenoxis CRM has exceeded our expectations. The automation features have streamlined our processes, allowing us to focus more on strategic initiatives. The real-time collaboration and communication tools have improved team dynamics. Kenoxis CRM is an invaluable resource that has positively impacted our business."

Michael H.

"We've tried several CRM systems, and Kenoxis CRM stands out for its simplicity and power. The interface is intuitive, making it easy for our team to adapt quickly. The level of customization available is impressive, allowing us to tailor the CRM to fit our unique business requirements. Highly recommend!"

Curtis Campher


Asked Questions

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Kenoxis CRM is extra than simply accounting software program. It permits you to create invoices, tune your coins flow, take delivery of payments, see what’s selling, plan for the destiny, and plenty extra. Tracking financials accurately is important for any commercial enterprise. Kenoxis CRM saves you money and time via connecting your business equipment and making it smooth to track the whole lot you need to make critical business choices.

Yes, there is a monthly rate for Kenoxis CRM. The rate varies depending on which version you pick out. To evaluate features and notice which Kenoxis CRM product is proper for you, see our pricing page.

There are a few special Kenoxis CRM plans constructed for groups with specific desires. To find the only that’s right for you, tell us about your business needs and dreams, and we’ll propose a plan. Click here to take a product advice quiz.

Kenoxis CRM is designed for small enterprise proprietors and self-employed specialists. However, if you want an terrific way to manage your budget then try Mint. Mint allows you create budgets, see bills and money collectively, and reveal your credit score.

Yes, we’ll assist you migrate up to 2 years of facts from your previous accounting application without spending a dime. You can migrate extra years for a rate.

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